Arch support, solid heel and ankle support shoes

Arch support shoes are one of 3 types of toddlers sandals in our eshop:

1.)barefoot sneakers for normally developing feet with no family history of flatfoot,

2.) certified off-the-rack orthopedic sandals with a high arch support and

3.) thirdly, what we call ‘summer sandals with a minor arch support.

The last type of shoes is suitable for normally developing toddlers feet, just giving a little bit of support – in the form of a minor arch support, a solid heel counter, and ankle support (here I don’t mean the Forrest Gump type of high ankle shoes. If you need these, please look further.). 

I believe you cannot go wrong with 'summer sandals', and I will explain what role these 3 features play.

Why arch support?

While toddlers do not have fully developed arches, their feet are still growing and developing. Minimal arch support can help encourage the natural development of the arches as they progress from early walking to more stable walking patterns. Arch support can also provide a degree of stability to a toddler's foot. Thus helping them maintain a more balanced and controlled gait. This can be particularly helpful as they learn to walk and explore their environment. Shoes with minor arch support can offer added comfort by cushioning the arch area and reducing the likelihood of discomfort or pain during activities. Furthermore, some toddlers may have a tendency to overpronate (roll their feet inward excessively). Minor arch support can assist in preventing this issue, promoting more neutral foot alignment. Lastly, properly fitted shoes with minimal arch support can contribute to better balance. It is important for a toddler's coordination and confidence.

Why a solid heel counter?

A solid heel counter in shoes provides essential support to the toddler's developing feet. It helps stabilize the heel and prevents excessive side-to-side or back-and-forth movement, which can reduce the risk of ankle injuries. Shoes with a solid heel counter help maintain proper foot alignment, especially for toddlers who are learning to walk. Proper alignment can contribute to healthy foot development and gait. Not to forget, toddlers are often unsteady on their feet. Therefore a solid heel counter, as mentioned above regarding the arch support, enhances stability by reducing the likelihood of the heel rolling inward or outward, which could lead to trips or falls. While toddlers don't have fully developed arches yet, a solid heel counter can indirectly aid in arch support by promoting a more natural and balanced gait as they learn to walk.

Why ankle height?

For children who are just learning to walk, shoes with a bit of ankle support can provide added stability and help them maintain their balance as they take those first steps. If toddlers frequently walk on uneven or challenging surfaces, like gravel paths or grassy areas, shoes with ankle support can reduce the risk of ankle twists or sprains. Some children with specific medical conditions or developmental delays may benefit from shoes with extra ankle support to address their unique needs. However, it's important to note that excessive ankle support can also hinder natural foot development in toddlers. Most toddlers do not require heavy ankle support in their everyday shoes. Instead, they should have flexible, lightweight shoes that allow their feet to move and develop naturally.


Always consult with a pediatrician or a professional shoe fitter if you have concerns about your toddler's footwear needs. Generally, for everyday use, prioritize shoes that fit well, have flexible soles, and provide room for natural foot growth and movement. We believe our collection of children sandals is so wide that you will find the best model for your child.

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