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Featured collection Toddler Boys Sandals

  • Barefoot or flexible sole sneakers

    Especially for toddlers we have a wide range of flexible soles, or barefoot sneakers suitable both for narrow as well as wide feet.

  • Summar sandals with arch support

    Most of our sandals have a gentle arch support and a firm closed heel counter. Because we believe that a little support cannot harm.

  • Orthotic or orthopedic sandals

    Orthotic sandals have a much higher arch support and are suitable if you have a family history of flat foot, or as a prevention.


Why we should invest into good quality children shoes

Children's feet are still developing and wearing bad shoes can hinder this process. Quality shoes are designed with comfort in mind. Children shoes should have cushioning, proper arch support and should be made from leather. Our PROTETIKA sandals contribute to good posture and a natural gait. Investing in good quality shoes for your children provides peace of mind that you are taking their comfort and foot health seriously. It's a proactive step in ensuring their overall well-being.

Orthopedic sandals

Our off-the-rack Protetika sandals have high arch support and they provide the maximum support to the arches of your baby's feet.

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Summer sandals with a gentle arch support

These Protetika sandals come with supportive features we are describing in detail in the Blog post below.

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Barefoot sneakers

Many parents prefer this type o baby footwear as they allow the feet the most natural movement. Read more on their benefits in the Blog below.

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