Benefits of Barefoot sneakers

We all are looking for comfortable shoes which improve our balance and posture and reduce the risk of injury. In my previous articles I wrote about arch supporting shoes which can fulfill your needs perfectly. But is there a way how to develop the toddlers foot arch naturally? Can it develop not based on the shoes, but on their own?

But let me stop you here: barefoot shoes are suitable for people living natural lifestyle, where the child is exposed to uneven terrains like grass, gravel and sand. If you live an active lifestyle and provide your child with this variety of surfaces, then read on! 

Barefoot shoes, also known as minimalist shoes, are a type of footwear designed to resemble the experience of going barefoot. They have thin, flat, and minimal cushioning and are typically made of natural materials. In our case,  PROTETIKA shoes are always made of genuine leather – suede, or smooth leather. These shoes are becoming increasingly popular, especially for first walkers, as they allow the foot to move in a more natural way, utilize the full range of motion, and can result in improved proprioception and posture. (Proprioception is the ability to sense the position of the body relative to its environment.) Barefoot shoes are also important for healthy development of the toes. There are a number of potential benefits associated with wearing barefoot shoes. These include increased muscle strength and stability, improved balance, reduced risk of injury, and the above mentioned improved posture. Barefoot shoes help allow your child’s muscles to strengthen naturally, which helps improve their balance and posture. These shoes reduce the impact and stress on their joints and muscles, so there is less chance of them getting injuries from activities.

Although barefoot shoes can offer many benefits, there are also some potential health risks associated with wearing them. These include higher levels of impact on the joints. The thin soles of these shoes do not provide the same level of cushioning as thicker soles, which could lead to potential foot and joint stress when using on hard surfaces. For those who are looking to reap the benefits of barefoot shoes, it is important to practice safe wearing practices. Since we have in our eshop barefoot sneakers for children only, apply these instructions on your child:

Start out by only wearing the barefoot sneakers for short periods of time to get your feet used to the new sensation. It is important to choose a pair that have been designed for your foot type, as we offer wide and a narrow fit sneakers. Stick with activities that do not involve excessive jumping especially on man made surfaces like asphalt or concrete.

Once you go by these rules, and the basic rule of using them on a natural terrain, there is no reason why you should buy only the traditional footwear with an arch support and solid heels. In our eshop we have them all, so the choice is yours.


PROTETIKA toddler girl barefoot sneaker TERY red  PROTETIKA toddler boy barefoot sneaker TERY denim

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