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Super quality shoes. Reasonable prices compare to competitors. Perfect attitude to customers - Julietta S.

An honest review by a happy customer who finally found quality shoes at very reasonable prices! My son is between sizes, hadn’t worn sandals in a while however Zuzanna recommended the correct size for him that fit perfectly. I also loved that there are some cool designs for older children when they’re over size 30. - Stella K.

We have a pair of stylish PROTETIKA sandals and my daughter loves them so much. They are funky with modern colors, very light and super comfy, just the perfect shoes for every day activities. They are super stylish and suitable for parties as well:):) Their special orthopedic support arches make them extra comfortable and my daughter is restless dancing and running in them all day long. Highly recommend PROTETIKA shoes for their quality, style, comport and durability. - Boryana I.

These shoes are amazing! My kid started walking with the protetika barefoot line. They supported his ankles and the arch, plus the sole is so soft that allowed him to move comfortably. He is a toddler now and it is the third time that we buy his shoes here. The quality of the making and the materials is great, comparable to the super expensive shoes that you can find at the mall. Lastly, the service provided by Zuzana is remarkable. She will help you to choose the best option for your kid. - Mary Carmen

So pleased with the shoes and the overall customer service. The owner of this small business based in Dubai, Ms Zuzana, personally came over to my house the very next day of placing order online via the site. She even brought along the same shoe style in different sizes to ensure I got the right fit. Now that's something! I got two pairs - one for me and other for my little girl. The shoes, style and fit are absolutely worth the money. - Janhavi J.

Great quality, delivery and support! - Varen

It’s really difficult to find anatomical shoes, some brands are over priced. Since kids run and walk so much, we need to take care of their feet health from first steps. The best shoes for kids are made of leather and with anatomical or orthopedic base, protetika is just perfect for us . My daughter wears these shoes since first steps and she has heathy feet and no common X legs or whatever. Recommended. - Taisia B.

We have a great experience with this vendor - offers hight-quality shoes for children and ladies for very reasonable price. You can choose more "traditional" ones with arch support as well as "barefoot" ones, many styles and colours. As to the service, go above and beyond! They are always happy to answer all our questions, help us order right size and ship the orders promptly. Highly recommended! - Martin M.

I had a great experience dealing with this shop. First of all the whole process from ordering till getting my shoes was at a very good level. The owner herself helped me to choose the right size and face me all the tips about the shoes. Needles to say the quality of the shoes are very high. I’ve being wearing them for a few day and love them more and more, but the most importantly I love the feeling of being comfortable!! Also I always prefer to support a small business with a personal approach dealing the the parson who put so much love to the business and Zuzana is one of such people. Wishing her and her furniture customers a happy and comfortable life :) - Inessa S.

Highly recommended! My experience has been amazing from A to Z! Zuzana has been extremely helpful from the moment I ordered until after, proactive in the shoe sizing and followed up to make sure the footware is comfortable! The sandals are very nice - comfortable for my bad back and having a great design with an adjustable top part for my slim feet! I don't get them off now! - Lala A.

Amazing customer service with unique individual and personal touch, stellar quality shoes with guarantee. I ordered two pairs of sandals for my children. They both loved it and I will definitely be ordering again. Highly recommended! - Veronika S.

Perfect medical shoes for little ones and ladies, all year round! Good quality, relaiable service, second day delivery. Thank you so much for being here in UAE, means we can get European quality when the travels are restricted due to Covid. - Mohammed S.

Great quality and very confortable shoes. My son loves them! - Samira E.

The shoes are excellent and the customer service is amazing. Keep up the great work and good luck. - Amira O.

We have the barefoot option of the shoes.. They are lovely.. My daughter wont take them off.. Great quality and to quote the little one ‘so great for climbing and jumping’ .. Feelgood shoes- do really make you feel good.. :) - B.

Very good quality of shoes and what is more important - one of few suppliers of orthopedic shoes for a baby in UAE. Supplier offered several sizes and provided very good customer care service. - Sergey S.

Very nice, great quality shoes! We bought a 3rd pair for our daughter, who has quite heavily flat feet, to support her arches. There is so little choice on the market for sizes 30 up. We're very happy we found this company! - Martina O.

Good quality leather shoes. Very comfortable. Excellent service as well - Beata K.

Loved my Lifestyle sandals so much that I bought another pair for my sister as well as for a friend for her birthday. Affordable, comfy to wear and stylish design. Thank you Feelgoodshoes for taking good care of our feet! - Marhna D.

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