About Us

I establisedd my eshop in 2018, after almost 9 years in Dubai. Until that time I have experienced several job roles. Started as a professional in one of the leading IT companies, delivered two beautiful children, enjoyed my life as a Jumeirah Jane, and now am trying my luck as an entrepreneur. Why did I decide to sell shoes for small children and ladies in the UAE? I did not always pay attention to shoes I was buying for my daughter, thus till her second birthday she was running around in rubber shoes all day, and I was happy they were easy on maintenance. But later, my sister-in-law brought me to a shop in my home country where she herself bought shoes for her family. I fell in love with this PROTETIKA brand, and ever since, after a looong summer holiday at my parents, I started to add to my suitcase next to the local organic honey and special foaming coffee, also one size bigger shoes for my kids; for me, obviously, just a new design. So when the decision was made, to start my own business, I did not need to go far for an idea of what to import to the UAE. The PROTETIKA shoes were an immediate choice: their shoes are made of high quality leather, the insole has an arch support for children and anatomic shaped insole for adults, and they fulfill all criteria on healthy and hygienic shoes. Initially I was focused on small children of nursery and preschool age and ladies. Later I expanded to bigger children as well. In my eshop you will find sandals and barefoot shoes for children, and for ladies the orthotic anatomically shaped cork sandals of several designs and colours. As I am a direct importer of this brand without any middleman, my pricing is very competitive for the UAE market.

Motto of my e-shop is: Healthy. Affordable. Nice.