About Us

I established my e-shop after nearly nine fulfilling years in Dubai, in 2018. I had embraced various roles: from working in a leading IT company to cherishing the joys of motherhood with two wonderful children. I've also relished the vibrant lifestyle of Jumeirah. Now, as I venture into entrepreneurship, you might wonder why I chose to specialize in footwear for little ones and grown-ups in the UAE.

The inspiration came when I realized I hadn't always paid meticulous attention to the shoes I bought for my daughter. For a while, she happily trotted around in rubber shoes, and I appreciated their ease of maintenance. However, a pivotal moment occurred when my sister-in-law introduced me to a store back in my home country, where she sourced shoes for her own family. It was there that I encountered the enchanting PROTETIKA brand. From that point on, whenever I visited my parents during a long summer break, alongside the local organic honey, I also made sure to pack a pair of shoes for my kids. Of course, a fresh design for myself as well.

So, when the time came to embark on my entrepreneurial journey, I didn't need to look far for the perfect product to introduce to the UAE market. PROTETIKA shoes became an immediate choice. Their shoes boast impeccable craftsmanship, constructed from high-quality leather. They feature an arch support for children and an anatomically shaped sole for adults, meeting all the criteria for healthy and hygienic footwear.

Initially, my focus was on catering to the needs of toddler girls and boys, as well as women. However, it wasn't long before I expanded to accommodate older children as well. In my e-shop, you'll discover an array of sandals, orthopedic and barefoot shoes tailored for children. Ladies can explore our range of orthotic, anatomically shaped cork sandals, heels and ballerinas available in various captivating designs. Men have a few orthopedic sandals option too :-)

I am a direct importer of the PROTETIKA brand. I have managed to eliminate any middlemen, enabling me to offer highly competitive pricing in the UAE market. Your comfort and satisfaction are at the heart of my business. I can't wait for you to experience the quality and style that come with every pair of PROTETIKA shoes. Welcome to a world where footwear meets excellence!