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barefoot BERG brown toddler girl/boy sneakers (narrow)

barefoot BERG brown toddler girl/boy sneakers (narrow)

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Barefoot shoes for toddlers is a revolutionary addition to our Protetika collection. All the essential qualities of barefoot footwear are met: removable flat insoles, without an arch support, giving your child a genuine barefoot experience.

Both inside and outside materials boast premium leather, providing the durability and comfort of these toddler barefoot sneakers. Moreover, they are light and soft, featuring fully flexible, straight, and thin soles that mimic the natural way of walking.

Facilitating a perfect fit, these barefoot shoes for toddlers come with two Velcro closures. The narrow cut is specifically designed for normal to thinner feet, giving a snug and comfortable feel. The flexible soles, with a thickness of 3 mm, not only protect the foot from mechanical damage and dirt but also enable toddlers to perceive maximum surface information.

The wide toe box in these toddler barefoot sneakers provides ample freedom for the toes, supporting natural movement. With a zero incline between the tip and heel (no heel), these barefoot shoes allow all muscles, tendons, and foot bones to engage, enabling optimal foot development.

Our Protetika barefoot shoes mirror the natural walking experience.

The used materials are certified to ensure the health safety of the footwear.

  • External material: suede leather
  • Inner material: leather
  • Synthetic outsole
  • Color: brown

For a correct size, measure the child's foot by drawing around it. Make sure the child has the foot straight and toes are relaxed and stretched. The shoe should be 1 cm longer than the foot.

EU size

 US size

UK size Shoe's inside length (cm)
20 4.5 3.5 13.0
21 5 4.5 13.7
22 6 5 14.4
23 6.5 6 15.1
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