Best shoes for kids: barefoot or orthopedic?

In the fun world of young kids, every new thing they learn is a big deal, and each step they take is like a big adventure. From those first shaky steps to walking confidently, toddlers are always exploring, one little step at a time. And as they learn to walk, parents wonder: when to start wearing shoes and which shoes for kids are the best?

Well, the answer is different for every child, just like how they grow in their own way. But most doctors agree that toddlers usually wear shoes when they start walking outside a lot. Before that, they often go barefoot inside the house.

Walking barefoot is not just cute; it's also really good for them. Imagine a little one walking around the house, feeling the floor under their feet. This helps them learn how to balance and move better. Without shoes, they can feel different textures under their feet, like the smooth floor or a soft carpet. This helps them understand where their body is in relation to things around them. It also helps them get better at balancing and moving smoothly.

Walking without shoes also makes the muscles in their feet and legs stronger. With no kids shoes, their muscles have to work extra hard to keep them steady and moving. It's like a little exercise for them every time they take a step, which helps them grow strong and healthy.

But what about when they're ready to explore outside? When they want to play in the park or run around the backyard, kids need shoes to keep their feet safe. But are the best shoes for kids?

Some toddlers can do just fine with simple minimalistic or barefoot shoes that have thin and flexible soles and plenty of room to wiggle their toes. These barefoot shoes protect their feet without stopping them from moving naturally.

But for kids with special foot problems, like flat feet (or flatfoot history in the family) or when their feet turn inward too much when they walk (pronation), they might need special orthopedic shoes. Orthopedic shoes have extra support in the foot arch to help their feet stay strong and balanced.

Choosing the right shoes for kids is really important. The shoes need to fit just right. Shoes that are too tight can hurt their feet, and shoes that are too loose can make them trip. It's also good to pick shoes made from materials that let their feet breathe so they stay comfortable and don't get sweaty or smelly. Genuine leather kids sandals are the best for the UAE weather - sandals allow for ample air, and the leather is long lasting, hygienic, easily washable and durable.

In the end, whether they're walking barefoot or with shoes on, the journey of tiny feet is pretty amazing. Each step they take is like a big achievement, showing how much they're growing and learning. So, let them walk, let them run, and let them explore the world under their feet, one step at a time.

Toddler boys orthopedic sandals with high arch support

Toddler boys orthopedic sandals with high arch support

Tery red is our newest barefoot model for toddlers girls from Protetika


Minimalist barefoot shoes for toddler girls with thin and flexible soles

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