Myths about orthopedic shoes debunked

There are several myths surrounding orthopedic and arch supporting shoes. Some of the common ones include:

1. Myth: Orthopedic shoes are only for older people or those with severe foot issues.
Fact: Orthopedic shoes can benefit people of all ages and foot conditions, providing comfort, support, and stability for better foot health.

2. Myth: Arch-supporting shoes weaken foot muscles.
Fact: Properly designed arch-supporting shoes can actually help alleviate foot strain and provide support without weakening foot muscles. They are particularly beneficial for people with flat feet or overpronation.

3. Myth: All orthopedic shoes are bulky and unattractive.
Fact: The design of orthopedic shoes has evolved significantly, and nowadays, you can find stylish and modern options that look like regular footwear while still providing the necessary support.

4. Myth: Orthopedic shoes are uncomfortable to wear.
Fact: While there might be an adjustment period for some individuals, properly fitted orthopedic shoes are designed for comfort and to accommodate specific foot conditions, making them suitable for extended wear.

5. Myth: Arch-supporting shoes prevent foot problems from developing.
Fact: While these shoes can help alleviate certain foot issues and provide support, they may not prevent all foot problems from developing. Maintaining overall foot health through proper care, exercise, and wearing appropriate footwear is essential.

6. Myth: Orthopedic shoes are expensive and not worth the investment.
Fact: While some orthopedic shoes can be more expensive than regular footwear, they offer substantial benefits for individuals with foot problems or specific needs, making them a worthwhile investment in foot health and overall well-being. Prices of our Protetika sandals are very competitive compared to other brands sold in the UAE. Toddler orthopedic sandals cost 269 AED. Cork orthopedic sandals for adults cost half of what you would pay for a famous German brand.
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