Protetika footwear is made from leather

Leather is often considered one of the best materials for shoes due to several advantages it offers:

1. Durability: Leather is known for its durability and longevity. High-quality leather shoes are designed to withstand everyday wear and tear, making them a long-lasting investment. Properly cared for, leather shoes can maintain their shape and quality for many years. That is the reason why our eshop is giving you one year warranty.

2. Comfort and Fit: Leather is a natural material that is breathable and molds to the shape of the foot over time. This allows for a customized and comfortable fit. Leather shoes tend to offer better support, flexibility, and cushioning compared to synthetic materials.

3. Moisture Control: Leather has natural moisture-wicking properties, allowing it to absorb and release moisture from the foot, keeping it dry and comfortable. This helps prevent the buildup of sweat and odor, creating a healthier foot environment.

4. Aesthetic Appeal: Leather has a timeless and classic appearance that adds a touch of elegance to footwear. Its natural texture and grain patterns give shoes a sophisticated and refined look. Additionally, leather can be dyed in various colors, offering a wide range of style options.

5. Environmental Considerations: Leather is a renewable and biodegradable material, making it a more sustainable choice compared to synthetic alternatives. When sourced responsibly, leather production can be part of a circular economy, where animal byproducts are utilized and waste is minimized.

It's important to note that there are different types and grades of leather, and the quality can vary. Full-grain leather, which is made from the top layer of the hide, is considered the highest quality and offers exceptional durability and natural beauty.

In our eshop you can choose between suede leather, and smooth leather. Suede is a bit more durable in these temperature shocks of 40 degrees Celsius outside and 20 inside, but is sensitive to sun, as the colour fades if left outside on direct sun. Smooth leather upper may show signs of cracks, as the transparent upper layer is sensitive to heat. As mentioned above, your shoes come with a one year warranty, so damage of the upper is a reason to an exchange or return of money. Inform us asap when you notice a damage, but please, when you are not wearing the shoes, keep them away from a direct sunlight. You will prolong their life and they will stay nice longer.
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